Hollywood Henderson vs. Earl Campbell 1978

Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson 210 lbs goes head to head against Earl Campbell 245 lbs… you decide!


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  1. Di Bicround says:

    The only time Earl went backwards!!!!!

  2. Todd Poole says:

    AWESOME HIT!! I loved “those” Cowboys, but this is an even greater tribute to The Tyler Rose. Hits like that happen often, but this stands out because…when legends fall, the world’s in awe.

  3. wlweldon2 says:

    Hollywood clearly won that battle!

  4. nutman444555 says:

    That wasn’t a tackle it was a hit

  5. RC Johnson says:

    210 lbs…isn’t that more a safety than a linebacker.(even for the late 70′s). As for Campbell, like any back, you can’t win them all. But I am sure that that he would be quite happy with the ration of those that he trucked as opposed to those that got the better of him.

  6. RickyRay Robertson says:

    I won 200 dollars on that game…. Oilers won!

  7. Justin Ewing says:

    i felt like it was an even amount of force lol but earl took more of the hit

  8. david campbell says:

    guys didn’t want to give up 1 yard back in the day.

  9. Christopher Filak says:

    Shows really how special Henderson was even if it didn’t last long…nobody was better at his position except Lawrence Taylor

  10. David Steinle says:

    This has to be the 1979 preseason. The referee is wearing a black hat, which didn’t happen until ’79.

  11. WT Hendrix says:

    He turned Campbell and stopped him. The best question is would Hollywood like to do it again? Being a TEXAN. I think they both would crash harder given another match up. TEXAS football was balls out when I was a kid.
    Good video. Thanks for uploading. We in TEXAS are proud of both these boys!

  12. jlh4jc says:

    Great stop by Hollywood and I would give him the win against most other backs. But the force of Earl caused him to lose his hat so I call it a draw.

  13. kcm9557 says:

    Supa Bo!…

  14. slowmotion49x says:

    Collisions like that really added up to Earls bad health today. Its a brutal sport only real men play.

  15. Donaldo Davisini says:

    From perspective held by this one, clearly the power of your man Campbell was overmatched by the force of Hollywood. Truly, it was no contest.

  16. Don Wright says:

    Best NFL Hit Ever! 2 Mack trucks colide! You be the judge….

  17. Earl juggernart says:

    very few players could stop earl in his tracks..

  18. Michael Cooper says:

    Remember, Campbell was just a  rookie running back in 1978.

  19. davidw9340 says:

    Give the ball to earl, give the ball to earl, give the ball to earl, give the ball to earl.. earl, earl, earl, earl, pass, earl, earl, earl. LMAO… Dat Bum Phillips

  20. michael swanson says:

    ‘Wood got Earl on that one, no denying it!.

  21. Jeff peikin says:

    Great footage yo! What a collision! Football rocks!

  22. Jeff peikin says:

    Upon seeing this hit he led with his helmet. From my experience in football I think the helmet is the only reason that EC goes down. I don’t mention this to take anything away from the DH or Cowboys fans cause I am one and I am from Philly. But I just couldn’t help commenting on this awesome footage.

  23. DoubleStar32 says:

    Hollywood hit you like a mack truck! Had speed that could rival Deion Sanders’ wheels. Hall of Fame talent!

  24. Joseph Dungee says:

    Probably something Thomas didn’t want to repeat but a GREAT tackle!

  25. Barragan Foster says:

    wowwww que fuerza para detener a esa locomotora!!!

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