169. Red Savina Habanero Peppers

Me trying to eat five red savina habanero peppers. the scoville scale for this pepper averages at around 400000 but it’s been found as high as 570000 and a…


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  1. sjporr says:

    I am certainly glad YOUR doing this for MY entertainment……

  2. DrFinkelstein99 says:

    Exactly. Spicy food and me don’t mix

  3. Jeffrey Brister says:

    u no likey? lol

  4. Jeffrey Brister says:

    jalapeno peppers = 8000 scovilles. red savina habanero peppers = 450,000 scovilles lol

  5. DrFinkelstein99 says:

    I refuse! I can’t even handle jalapeno peppers ffs lol

  6. BitterPoetMadman says:

    That music… :/

  7. blott1978 says:

    Christ, habenero peppers and Steel Reserve?? That’s a recipe for disaster.

  8. Jeffrey Brister says:

    you WILL!

  9. Jeffrey Brister says:

    thank you :p

  10. Jeffrey Brister says:

    I call it the ‘eating hot peppers and shitting all day’ diet.

  11. DrFinkelstein99 says:

    Never lol. 

  12. Florida32oz says:

    this music is driving me maaaaad

  13. da beast says:

    good stuff man, subscribe to my main Explosive900pictures

  14. odeed says:

    Damn Tiny Tim you lost weight!

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