Hello World: Learn Perl By Doing It, Part 2

http://www.caveofprogramming.com/go/perltutorial A tutorial on a basic “Hello World” program in Perl, with some important bells and whistles, which we’ll use…
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  1. Wayne Marshall says:

    thanks for replying

  2. Wayne Marshall says:

    Are you likely to be doing another one in the near future

  3. Cave of Programming says:

    I mean to upload some more videos to YouTube soon, but I’m holding on a
    while because I really want to advertise the course when it’s complete.
    Meanwhile, you can actually find a lot more videos if you go to my website,
    click any course link (to Udemy) and then look for other courses by me. The
    Perl course is right there, and free at the moment.

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