‘Identity Thief’ Unscripted: Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy Interview | Moviefone

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  1. Lisa Golden says:

    Jason: I did start young in the “Business Tree”…That’s what we call it.

    Melissa: No one…No one…No one calls it that.

    Loved this interview. :)

  2. Michae baisden says:

    jason batema OBVIOUSLY. that man has amazing timing.

    Also: Rebel Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Jane Lynch, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Ben Schwartz aaaaand for good measure Emma Watson!

  3. ambkn1 says:

    I knew this would be amusing to watch

  4. EveningT says:

    Two members of CARA duking it out over the rating for a “controversial” new film. Might be a dud, though. They’ll let anything through now…

  5. James Peterson says:

    these vids take fucking ages to load

  6. Angelica Castillo says:

    Jennifer Lawrence. Apatow, Sandler, and Seth Rogen plus his team of actors :)

  7. George Coral says:

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  8. HippieMosquitoQuatro says:

    oh there’s too many to choose from ^_^

  9. John McElroy says:

    All the actors/actresses you had so far on ” Unscripted”!

  10. David Capdevielle says:

    Hey Moviefone, do you plan on doing an Unscripted with the This is the End cast? Cause it would be hilarious!

  11. iHeynig says:

    jonah hill and seth rogen

  12. joystixxify says:

    i freakin looove jason bateman lol he’s ALWAYS hysterical

  13. maclellan1985 says:

    Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman, Will Ferrell (definatly), Tina Fey..to name a few

  14. pomegranate89juice says:

    any celebrity who typically doesn’t share their private life, like Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt. But any comedian or actor who usually plays funny roles would take this show as opportunity to go all out ))

  15. Moviefone says:

    We love it! Who would you want to see on ‘uncensored?’

  16. MissAlways7Rose says:

    “OOOh! It’s Jason…eh it’s the same thing..” I love Melissa! :)

  17. pomegranate89juice says:

    I know it was a joke, but ‘Uncensored’ is an excellent idea for a show. Listen to Jason and make it happen.

  18. Kailaa3 says:

    LOL “receive any man”.

  19. George Lewis says:

    Melissa she so funny…..

  20. killerducky24972 says:

    funniest part in identity thief is when Melissa mcCarthy was singing in the car

  21. Rawrr says:

    I loved Identity Thief. I like when shes singing in the car :P. Jason is so cute :P

  22. Qwary Knight says:

    In the beginning i hated Melissa McCarthy character in the movie but then it turned out to be funny and okay ! btw Love your acting <3 see you in next comedy movieS ^_^

  23. MSPUTT7 says:


  24. roter13 says:

    i find jason ridiculously attractive.

  25. Natasha Harmer says:

    I love when she’s singing ‘my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’ in the car xD

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