Dallas Lauderdale dunks on Miami’s Jimmy Graham

buckeyeballers.blogspot.com Ohio State’s Dallas Lauderdale yokes on Miami’s Jimmy Graham in the 2008 Big Ten/ACC Challenge. Miami takes yet another L to Ohio…
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  1. Tahjee Smith says:

    Jimmy Graham is the best…WHO DAT!

  2. Michelle Denise says:

    did any 1 see the ball hit jimmy 0:26

  3. kevNUM1twin says:

    And look where he is now :)

  4. athie208 says:

    I bet graham has a better life then lauderdale hahahah jimmy best te in the game

  5. Kevin O'Brien says:

    Damn… I would go play football too.

  6. TheShazam1248 says:

    who’s laughin now

  7. Mershon2100 says:

    Jimmy Graham got money taller then Dallas Lauderdale now … Lmao

  8. Adrian says:

    and then Jimmy Graham decided that catchin TDs from brees is better than droppin buckets

  9. SDkoolKidd says:

    but why is Lauderdale chilling at home right now while Jimmy Graham is doin work in the NFL?

  10. Black Hole says:

    You say “just went to football” like it is a step below basketball.

  11. Black Hole says:

    i think he’ll be one of the best tight ends in football.

  12. cmbuvi92 says:

    That’s probably why he just went to football.

  13. 2001canesfly says:

    well look whos better now

  14. BIGdreamer1012 says:

    dallas. absolute stud. favorite player all time on my favorite team all time. saw him in high school many times

  15. Ben Bergeron says:

    Wannabe? KNeegrow please. The dude is a beast and whatever is stronger and greater than that, he is on his way. Notice on the replay that he went over by MAYBE 2 inches. Now look at the stats and height difference. Im not makin excuses, I mean…here we are 2 years into his NFL career…and ummmmmmmm….yeah, I still cant think of a better tight end. Have fun posting your bullshit while my man is busy owning DB’s all season long. Stand in his way. I dare you. WHO DAT BITCHES!

  16. Parker Levy says:


  17. 2001canesfly says:

    we know whos better now jimmy is is the NFL making a diff on the saints

  18. Kooly1 says:

    This “wanna be” is going to make millions in the NFL. Half of Ohio State has a degree they can use on their application for McDonalds.

  19. MrReverendgreen says:

    lauderdale is one weird lookin motherfucker

  20. zeus982 says:

    I think Jimmy will be alright with his millions in the NFL, lulz

  21. jlo2505 says:

    yea going to saints how much is that guy that slammed on him makes i thought so!!! its all about the U

  22. BuckeyeBallersTV says:

    We know, that was the play that made Jimmy want to switch sports for good…lol j/k :)

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