2014 Ford F-150 FX4 Off Road Test

An all-new Truck App in Ford F-Series features an industry-first in truck technology — a software application for safe and easy towing and off-roading. With…
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  1. jusmavideos33 says:

    The best vehicle you can buy today. Period

  2. tEAm4z says:

    That’s not a 2014… It still has the C-Clamp grille, which has been
    ditched (on the app. pack. FX’s) in favor for the 3 bar grille from the
    Lariat and King Ramch.

  3. Eagle Gator says:

    I hate when they demonstrate an offroad vehicle with a sorry ass ‘obstacle
    course’, makes no sense, but hey at least it’s not the worst

  4. Atta Hayat says:

    i can drive my crown victoria ford in this off road this is insult of 4×4
    you should take it to eral off road where people drive landcruiser and

  5. Atta Hayat says:

    Banana shit u r right because you have constipation shit banana makes
    people consipateed anyway you are right these new trucks are not good if
    you drive them for 3 months in real off road they will be into pieces not
    like old trucks,,,,,

  6. Atta Hayat says:

    I think u don’t know what is off road I used to drive real off road from
    Iran to pakistan crossing boarder with Gasoline and Drove landcroser 1988
    at 30 MPH where this truck can’t go more than 10 miles I used to drive 200
    miles on big rocks only and on trees about 3 feet long and River around 2
    feet deep man if you see that place you will never believe that someone can
    drive but Toyota Landcorser 88 till 92 used to be good now a days new cars
    are not good new even japanies cars are not good ther

  7. Paul Chase says:

    ford atlas is 2015

  8. First True Last Blue says:

    nice truck but I think the 2014 GMC Sierra is a nicer and all round better

  9. Cody Reichelt says:

    This is not the 2014 because the 2014 edition will be the Ford Atlas.

  10. cobratam says:


  11. Waylin Van Halen says:

    Horrible music n worthless driving around videos though

  12. Waylin Van Halen says:

    Pirellis are just fine u Fkn reject bahahhahaha

  13. bananashit says:

    maybe because some people like it? I like the grill and the wheels, much
    better than chrome

  14. jaffacake1578 says:

    It actually looks very sporty and exciting in my opinion, but feel free to
    take a look at the Silverado and notice how much worse that looks. Or just
    get one without the blacked out wheels and grill.

  15. ahmad alqadi says:

    da fuck is wrong with ur camera -_-

  16. Wgrippin says:

    Where I live there are driveways worse than that.

  17. nartholomule says:

    I romp harder in my 2000 Impala.

  18. carlitos rodriguez says:

    they sucks

  19. ccook0530 says:

    Wow it can drive up a hill of compacted dirt and over rocks grouped so
    close together that the maximum height difference is only like 6 inches…
    Not impressed. With as poorly as these trucks handle I would expect better
    off road performance.

  20. mohammed mohammed says:

    GMC sierra 2014 only

  21. Z5EETL4 says:

    Great truck, but those rims are stupid. The black is going to fade away
    like bell bottoms.

  22. Mike Smith says:

    That was real world testing in the harshest conditions ever! A two wheel
    small car would eat this test up too, WAKE UP people! Get REAL!

  23. Dan Huls says:


  24. paintballforlife06 says:

    sissy offroad test put that thing in real offroad conditions

  25. theredH007 says:


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